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Below you'll find a list of all the services I offer. You can reach my bookings page by pressing HERE. Please note that it is in Swedish, if you are an international client you can reach me via email at with your booking requests.

My services: Text


60 minutes

You lay down, in the comfort of your own home, and set an intention if there is anything specific you want to heal or need guidance for. It is also possible to leave it completely open for what wants to come through. Reiki is a powerful experience, which heals at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. I tune in on your energy and sometimes I also pull tarot cards during the session. Afterwards we'll catch up via Zoom, Facetime or a phone call, where I'll share the psychic guidance. Allow yourself some time and space after the session to reflect. Some people enjoy writing afterwards to integrate and let the experience sink in.

Press the button below to reach my bookings page (which is in Swedish) or send an email to with your booking request.

790 SEK


60 minutes

This session can be booked both in person or as a session via Facetime or Zoom. Some clients decribe this almost like a life-coaching session where I use tarot to give you guidance and clarity. I often start with some general cards for where you stand in life right now and we talk about what comes to me intuitively. There is of course room for questions for more depth and if there is any specific situation where you need guidance and answers. This is an open, safe and allowing space, where you choose the are of focus, or if you wish to leave it open and stay curious for what wants to come through.

Press the button below to reach my bookings page (which is in Swedish), or send an email to with your booking request.

790 SEK



90 minutes

We'll meet in person or via Facetime or Zoom for this session. Breathwork is the main focus but I'll also use Reiki and tune in on your energy to give you psychic guidance. Sometimes we need to be pushed, guided and for someone to hold our hands in order for us to reach forward in life. To find your inner fire and get unstuck when you feel like you're lost or don't know your direction. Or you might just need to an extra boost and inspiration! I keep a safe and allowing space, where you choose the area of focus. How can you live more from your heart and true to yourself? What hinders you from living the life you deeply desire and dream of? The goal is for you to get in contact with your own intuition, to deepen the relationship to yourself and find keys to healing and well-being. Strengthen yourself from within, to dare to stand in your full power and live out your purpose.

Breathwork is a powerful tool which can create a physical as well as a mental and spiritual experience and I am here to guide you towards clarity. It can involve anything from stress managemnet, to the inner child, finding happiness and trust or to feel better within your own body, heart and soul.

Press the button below to reach my bookings page (which is in Swedish) or send an email to with your booking request.

790 SEK


At least two A4 pages with guidance

For those of you who don't feel comfortable doing a reading via Zoom or Facetime, it is possible to receive the guidance in writing via email. This means you can save it for the future and go back to it whenever you need to.

Each spread I do is unique and I work intuitively, so there is no pre-decided amount of cards which I'll pull. What wants to come through will come through. You decide if want the guidance to focus on some specific situation in life or if you have any specific questions you want answered.

Press the button below to buy your reading (please note that this page is in Swedish). Or send an email to with your booking request.

555 SEK

Image by Edz Norton


30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes

This treatments suits anyone, even those of you who do not practice any sports, but who just needs a deep massage to loosen up your muscles and fascia and improve your circulation. In 2015 I completed my three year Bachelors Degree in Australia, within health, rehab and exercise. Since then I have acquired a profound experience within the profession and established a unique treatment method. Meanwhile I always keep deepening my knowledge through further study and a curiosity to learn more. I have worked with anything from the general population to elite athletes within crossfit, ice hockey, basketball and muay thai. Coupled with a long experience as an high level athlete myself, I have a huge understanding for the physical body and its function.

I help you if you have specific injuries or problems you need worked on, or if you just need a relaxing moment to yourself. The treatment and pressure is adapted to suit your needs, wants and unique conditions and I promise to give you a magical experience.

With a 30 minute booking I'll treat either your back or legs, a 60 minute booking includes both unless you want to focus more on one specific are. A 90 or 120 minute session includes the whole body.


60, 75 or 90 minutes

An extra magical treatment where a deep massage is combined with energy healing. Through the massage I'll get a feel for and good understanding of your physical body and will loosen up what's needed physically, muscularly. Then you'll be deeply relaxed for the Reiki and many people feel like it then gets a deeper effect.

The Reiki works with your energies and works on your mental, emotional and physical blockages. You are tucked in comfortably and I start by balancing your chakras out. That way I'll feel how your energies flow and will know what areas that might need more focus. Then I work my way in a calm and methodical manner from the top of your head down to your feet. This will be done accompanied by music or in silence if you wish. Afterwards we talk and I share my guidance and the messages I have received during the treatment.

A 60 or 75 minute session includes a back OR leg massage, a 90 minute session includes both.

My services: Tjänster
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